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President of Mantle Group









Abdollah Fathi-Nejad, founder and director of Mantle Construction has led Mantle Construction since its foundation and developed it into one of the leading firms in highway construction. Mr. Fathi-Nejad believes that by integrating services such as planning, design, and construction, we can manage our projects more efficiently and deliver greater value.

Besides his role as CEO and president of Mantle Construction, Mr. Fathi-Nejad is an active member of the Iranian Society of Executive Managers and the publication Payame Modiran. He dedicates his time to keeping informed and up to date with the field of highway construction by attending seminars worldwide. He has delivered presentations and seminars at universities and organizations, such as the University of Tehran and the Iranian Society of Executive Managers, and written for professional journals on such topics as “Construction overseas”, “Basics of Management in Construction”, “Effective Leadership”, “Design Build Principles”, “Traffic Management” and “Infrastructure Deficiencies in Iran: Diagnoses and Solutions”.

Mr. Fathi-Nejad plays a pivotal role in developing the highway construction industry of Iran. He believes that by integrating services such as planning, design, and construction, projects can be managed more efficiently and with greater value. His new endeavor, branching out into the stone production industry is another great achievement for Mantle Construction.
“Particular deliberation in risk management has compelled Mantle to diversify,” Mr. Fathi-Nejad said in a statement to government officials. In 2003, Mantle launched its stone factory with top quality production.
Mr. Fathi-Nejad holds a Masters Degree in Highway Engineering from Strathclyde University in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology form the University of Mashhad, in Iran. Persian Stone



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