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MantleStone-Newest invention

Enhanced Natural Stone “ENS” is Mantle Inc.’s newest invention, which as its name suggests, is an enhanced and more intelligent use of natural stone in the construction sector. ENS combines the beauty of natural stone with many advantageous properties such as low weight, insulation, impermeability, dumping sound, etc. Our brand name for this invention is: “MantleStone



MantleStone consists of a thin reinforced layer of natural stone (Marble, Limestone, Onyx or Travertine), which is positioned on top of a polyurethane foam. The natural stone in its reinforced format is very thin and the polyurethane foam very light. The combination of this thin layer of reinforced natural stone together with our layer of foam adds the above mentioned excellent properties of insulation, very low weight, impermeability, noise reduction, and many others to the natural stone. This astonishing natural stone tile has many benefits over aluminum honey comb laminates, and ordinary processed stone tiles.


persian stone