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  • Brisk Transparent Skin


    We offer you an impressive selection of Persian Travertine tiles that are as attractive as they are durable.

  • Marble


    By choosing our Persian great Marbles, enjoy the luxury of Mantle inc. quality.

  • Onyx


    As luxury as you wish.

  • Tumbled


    Mantle Inc. offers a wide range of Iranian marble and travertine tumbled stones for indoors and out doors.


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Persian stone samples
  • Rosso-Persia-Iran travertine -Tumbled
  • Iran Tumbled stones
  • Iran Beige and noce tarvertine
  • Iran Black Marble-Pietra Persia-Hammered
  • Beige Marble-M02NM/NMP
  • Beige-Marble-M04TP/CMP
  • Iran-Botticino-Marble-M50HF/NMP
  • Beige-Travertine-T02HT/VMP2
  • Iranian Noce BrushedTravertine-T03KA/CNA
  • Iranian Noce Travertine-T03KA/CMP
  • Iranian Red Travertine-T11AT/CMP
  • Tumbled Travertine
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A world leader in quality and variation, Iran is internationally known for its raw Marble, Onyx, Limestone, and Travertine. We have a high level of appreciation for Iran's world class Marble and Travertine. 

Mantle is the source for all your Iranian Marble, limestone, and travertine needs. We have a broad range of natural stone tiles and stripes in Marble and Travertine that come in all shapes and sizes with an unparalleled selection of colors, hues, and shades to choose from.


Mantle has established partnerships with various shipping/trucking companies to ensure your order is delivered quickly and safely. When you place an order with us, we tender that order to our shipping partners. When the best shipping price is established, we pack your order and ship the materials directly to your location.

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